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The following surnames are from the phone directory Oslo, Norway:

Frank Josef Gerling, Marry Gerling, Agneta Carling, Anne Carling, Anne Marie Carling, Bjørn Carling, Bobben Carling, Cheryl Carling, Evelyn Carling, Finn Carling, Frode Carling, Jørgen Carling, Maria Carling, Martin Carling, Odd Carling (x 3), Preben Carling, Sonja Carling, Åse Carling, Kari Mette Karling, Olaf Karling.

Franz Josef Gerling mag zugewandert sein. Carling sollten wird doch stark vertreten in Skandinavien annehmen.

Svend Giversen submitted: no Garling in Mormon CD' s from Norway

Juan Carlos Garling (acomed@entelchile.net) submitted Ellis Island records for Garling (and similar) from Norway

NameYearAgeLocalityCountryPort of exitShip
Carling, Oscar190921KristianiaNorwayKristianiaTietgen
Karling, Jenny Marie190323NorwayKristianiaNorge

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