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Kaarlo Kalliala (eijakall@netti.fi) submitted the following info:

There has been at least one Garling family in Finland in late 17th and early 18th century. In the Käkisalmi (Kexholm) county in Carelia one is mentioned about 70 times in the court records between Feb 1668 and Apr 1681.
Later some Joakim Gardeling is known as tradesman in Nyen (the Swedish city that preceded St.Petersburg) around 1700. Nyen fell in Russian hands a couple of years later and many of the inhabitants fled to Viburg (Finnish Viipuri), the Finnish Carelian capital where the German influence was quite visible. Viipuri, again, surrendered in early 1710 and now western Finland and Sweden received the refugees.
One Joakim Gardeling is met in Paimio near the old capital Turku (and murdered by his wife's lover, the local vicar (!), in 1705). His brother Henrik lived quite near in Halikko. He - "Henric Garling" - was buried in September 20th, 1712 in Turku.
The first mentioned Jochim had at least one daughter Gertrud who before 1694 married pastor Herman Hermigier whose parish was in Viburg. Also Anders Gardeling is mentioned in 1681 in Carelia.
Family connections between these persons are not known except those mentioned above. Later in the 18th century a certain Christina Garling is known in Aura next to Turku (1737) and Elisabet Garling giving birth in 1735 in Pori some 200 kilometers up north. One of the godparents is Sara Magdalena Garling, most likely her sister.
Gertrud Gardeling is my fm fm ff fm m. I have not had any opportunity to study the Käkisalmi county records: it takes some time, because they are in Helsinki, written in old-fashioned Swedish and in old handwriting. I presume, anyway, that it is not just a coincidence that there is a Jochim Gardelingk and a Joakim Gardelin in Finland at about the same time. In the 17th century Sweden was active to call Germans to settle to the new (since 1617) territories like Ingermanland around Nyen and perhaps also Käkisalmi county. That is why it would not be surprising if these Gardelings would come from Mecklenburg.

Sonja Karling (sonjakarling@hotmail.com) submitted the following info:

There are a few people in Finland (about a hundred or so, not sure) whos' last name is Karling. A genealogy has been made and it shows that our family "originally" comes from an iland in Ahvenmaa (Åland) from 1800-century.
I've been told that the name Karling comes from the Swedish word karl (man) and from an ending -ing meaning something that is smallish.
Sonja Karling, Virginia Beach, Usa

Juan Carlos Garling (acomed@entelchile.net) submitted Ellis Island records for Garling (and similar) from Finland

NameYearAgeLocalityCountryPort of exitShip
Karling, Gustaf189832FinlandGlasgowCity of Rome
Karling, Jacob190019FinlandSouthamptonSt. Louis

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