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The Australien Garlings are originating from different lines. The main one is based on Frederick Garling (from England, married with Spratt and Wilkinson) moved to Australia in the 19th century.

Informationen über die Garling-Emigration von Deutschland nach (Frankreich und weiter nach) England siehe im Abschnitt "United Kingdom"
Information about the Garling-emigration from Germany to (France and further to) England see in the chapter "United Kingdom".

Leslie Garling, born 1904 in London, told many years ago a nice story:

During World War II he was living in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England and working in a war-material factory near to his home.
One day he received a telephone call from his wife telling him to come home as soon as he could as a visitor was waiting for him.
So he did and after his wife went through the formalities of introducing him to the young man sitting in his living-room dressed in a somewhat battered airforce combat attire, he had to ask twice : What did you say is your name? Well, it was in fact Leslie Garling, his namesake.
How and why did both Leslie Garling meet? Leslie Garling, the young visitor, was an Australian fighter pilot returning from a mission over enemy territory with engine problems that forced him to make an emergency landing on an open field near-by. He was fortunately unhurt and walked a short distance until finding a gasoline-station where he asked for a telephone directory to contact somebody to get him out. Shifting through the pages he found one Leslie Garling listed and so he thought that this would be his best option.
Probably he made a good decission because Leslie Garling (our English friend) most likely provided Leslie Garling (our Australian friend) with a good hot shower and with a good tea at 5 pm sharp to help him recover and get ready for more missions.

Comment: The Leslie Garling in the story is probably Leslie G. * 1916 in Burwood, son of George F. Garling * Nundle NSW oo 1907 Elsie Meincke * 1886 in Tamworth NSW.

Who founded a small airline (perhaps a one-airplane company for inland-service in a country that is largely dependent on communications by air because of long distances) and that he died in a flight accident - Leslie?.

Several Garling families in Australia

The history of the Australian Frederick Garlings is especially challenging because all living members can claim descendancy from a single, well documented ancestor. Few families can do that.
Another quite separate Garling family are the descendants of one Charlie Garling of Dutch-Javanese origin, come to Australia 1896 with ship 'Mareena' (from java?), who may be the one who fathered William and he in turn Donald and whose descendants live in Melbourne.
Dutch by the name of Garling or 'van' Garling lived in Indonesia, probably working for the Dutch East India Company or else. In Amsterdam nowadays lives a Garling. It is a little nice Indonesian, the son of a German Friedrich Garling, perhaps a seaman.
Other unrelated Garlings: Elizabeth Bathia GARLING, whose parents were George Edward GARLING and Josephine Vansetter WILD(E) and who married (1882 in Bourke NSW) John BYE, son of inmigrant British and born 1855 in Gunning NSW. Was George Edward GARLING a post-1815 inmigrant or may he be somehow related?
Moreover, what link may there be with George H. GARLING, his son Edward Owen b. about 1891-92 and his grandchildren Henry Edward Athol, Cyril b. 1916 (all born in Gulgong or Mudgee and all buried in the Mudgee General Cemetery) and Geoffrey Roland b. 1920 and killed during WW II? Living descendants of married females are still in Mudgee.

But not all "Australien" Garlings went of their own free will to Australia. On 28 Jun 1851 Robert Garling, an unmarried smith born 1828, arrived with the ship "Pyrenees". He was the convict #418 and was sent to the Fremantle (West Australia) prison till 1 Jul 1855. In the British province Middlesex he was sentenced because of larceny in 1848.

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